Centre for Hybrid Workflow

Where history meets innovation for the modern workplace.

Team Workspace

A Hub for Hybrid Collaboration

Meeting Rooms

Spaces to Meet, Think, and Achieve


More Than Just office space

A place for productivity and collaboration

In an era of remote teams and flexible schedules, Canbury Works provides the perfect spaces to bring your hybrid workforce together. Our thoughtfully designed facilities seamlessly blend productivity and collaboration – merging the focus of private offices with the energy of coworking.

Whether you need a hub for company-wide meetings, touchdown spaces for your distributed team, or just an inspiring change of scenery, Canbury Works has flexible solutions to empower hybrid workflow.

Comfortable Seating and Workstations

Ergonomic chairs, desks, and tables to ensure a comfortable working environment

Mail and Package Handling

A secure and convenient location for receiving and sending mail and packages​

High Speed Internet

Fast and reliable internet connectivity to keep you productive and connected

Kitchen and Break Area

A fully equipped kitchen with coffee machines, microwaves, and refrigerators, as well as a comfortable break area for relaxation and socialising

Wireless Fax & Printer

Access to printers, scanners, and photocopiers for printing and copying documents

Shower and Locker Facilities

Clean and well maintained shower facilities and lockers for storing personal belongings

Spaces Optimised for Hybrid Success

Ditch the rigid, uninspiring corporate office and experience workspaces purpose-built for the modern team. Easily reserve private meeting rooms for video conferences, presentations, or focused workgroups. Hot-desk with your team to explore new environments that stimulate creativity.

Book entire suites to become your hybrid HQ for the day.

More Than Just Desks

Beyond the physical spaces, Canbury Works cultivates a dynamic community of professionals ready to connect and inspire one another. As a member, you can take advantage of attending exclusive networking events, workshops, and social gatherings. Exploring potential synergies and partnerships within our diverse collective.

Vibrant Business Community
Meetings Hub

Membership Benefits

Showcase your business’s offerings through our member profiles. Access member discounts on room rentals, services, and amenities.

Hybrid Homebase

Join our community of pioneers and experience hybrid workflow elevated.

A Hub of Innovation and Heritage

Uniquely located in the birthplace of legendary aircraft like the Sopwith Camel and Hawker Hurricane, our updated industrial spaces pay tribute to Kingston’s storied legacy of innovation. Where these iconic planes once took shape, you can now shape the future of your business.

Whether you need spaces for a single day or an ongoing hybrid home base, discover how Canbury Works seamlessly blends heritage, hospitality, and modern productivity.

Hybrid Team Spaces
Historical Inspiration
Ronsberg Room meeting set up
Camm Room meeting space
Ronsberg room alternative set up
sound-proof rooms
whiteboards and writing surfaces
Large spaces

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